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Jan. 7th, 2011


First post in 2011.

Hello people (: ~

its been so long since i had last update my livejournal.
i think all my previous post so emo one :x ~

no more emo-ness (:

2011 new year, new resolution (:


Dec. 29th, 2009



Independence haha !
from now on, i need to be more independent.
no need friends one.
ai zai !

i read from a book
saying "Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have changed, to discard the old, to embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course"
this is by Jacques Cousteau
from a diving book.
yea it is true, life is constantly changing and you will need to pace it and adapt to it.

today ran 10 rounds around the stadium non-stop
or non-walking
a good achievement huh ? :D ~
then polo guys all slack =.= go play basketball haha !
so long nv play basketball, sucks =.=
i need to have more money ): ~

Dec. 17th, 2009



2 days of depression. today woke up with laughter HAHA ! coz i dreamt of zm and marshall both doing stupid things =.= so i woke up from my own laughter :P i think my brother thinking that i am mad :P ytd night at nick house with aaron drank the bottle of redwine i bought over. wow it doesnt taste that bad :D unlike those cheap redwine HAHA ! next tuesday nick opening another bottle he says is sweet one :P looking forward arh. without her, life still goes on so must enjoy life to the fullest coz life is short depression please get lost soon i know i get over anythings very quickly de but why not now =.= just leave please stupid depression.

Dec. 16th, 2009


(: is not on my face.

i want to smile
but i cant smile
all i could do was a fake smile.

finally today i went out to book my btt (: ~
and i registered for school one HAHA !
it costs 172dollars and a few cents i think.
and my dad gave me 200 bucks to register :D
thanks daddy (: ~
i love you as always (: ~
after that i went to kovan to look for mad fish
a brand of redwine
then i keep walking around there like a stupid person HAHA
then finally found :D
it is quite cheap luh .. 35 dollars only
so i bought it :D
then it was raining
so walked home in rain wth !
stupid rain =.= !

later tonight going nick house to enjoy redwine lo :D ~
hhahaaha !
lovely wine :D

i want to erase everything and delete off everything
but that wont solve problems so i guess i will just leave everything
as it is.

Dec. 15th, 2009


Feeling uneasy.

gosh the whole day i had been feeling uneasy =.=
its okay (: ~

whole day stayed at home.
use laptop
play guitar
watch korean movie
WA i going to be bored to death !

i want to take car license then after that get bike license
then get a bike first HOHO!
but my daddy dont support that idea ): ~
nvm .. i shall pursue my dream HAHA !
boring boring day ~

i was wondering how was your day? enjoyed yourself?
haha its all nothing now.

Back to square one (:

HOHO ! officially single (:
not a very happy thing to say but like what i said,
what for crying over a spill milk haha !
over jiu over le mah =.=
this is life, nothing goes your way (: ~

i will keep everything to myself.
and its been like this since i am young ?
but still i need someone to talk with ):
to console me ):
shit shit shit shit shit shit
it hurts ): ~
no tears please ~

shall call peng out today haha (: ~
but hopefully he is free lo ): ~
if not at home can starve to death :P ~

getting drunk also no use
getting sad even no use

life goes on ~
waterpolo here i come ! (: ~
and dont forget my lovely guitar (: ~

Dec. 14th, 2009



so late still not even 1 reply.
everything is like fake to me now.
goodnight then.

not even looking .

turned, looked, wasnt looking, turned back, oh WTF !
looked up, wasnt looking, oh WTF !

feeling more and more disappointed.
hoping i do not have the give up mindset

Just that close ..

i am just that close to giving up
but from her blog post, i should not give up.
today was a day that i was not feeling good at all
all the way sucky feeling
like fake only luh.

caught princess and the frog with her and her sis
then sent her sis home
then went tamp ikea and giant
bought 4 hotdog bread
in the end i brought home 2 =.=
cant find my mad fish ): ~
nvm its okay ..
then she went to find mz to get her digi cam back
and i went home
sucky right haha ..

the smile on my face will never be gone
coz i am not a person that will show whether i am sad or disappointed
i still will show a smiley face and cheer everyone up (: ~ HOHO!
right nu er ? :D ~


After all these, the trust seems to be lessen up,
there will still be trust coz i wanted to but still,
i am prepared to get whatever shit i am going to get.

I am a person who gives up easily,
everyone knows i guess but for now,
I am not going to give up
and rather put in more effort and trust,
i can say that the effort i put in is still not enough.

from what peng said, "must set your heart and prepare to get hurt if not you will get hurt a lot a lot."
but whatever i replied him is not true which means that i still get hurt even i said i wont.

okay ..
no more of this emo-ness
now let me talk about other stuffs (: ~
arghh season training starting soon
i need time to work, need more money luh !!
if not i cant even support myself, how to even support her.
but too bad, waterpolo is a commitment
and money is just an external object or even an object to hurt people.
guitar is my passion and i wont give up on guitar even though people said i got no talents
or whatever shit i will get, the moment i decided to get that 3.6k guitar although not very expensive coz my guitar teacher mad kiddo .. got more than dont know how many 10k+++++ guitar,
i decided that i will not give up guitar and finish the whole thing and be better than my teacher !

tonight will be running and swimming
aww i love monday training nowadays (: ~
coz last time when there is training on monday, it sucks coz swim like dog..
while now still got running
HOO ! burn more fats !!

this small part is dedicated to my dear phone:
you are small
yet you are strong
a drop from height wont kill you
the previous memories of yours
all are gone
now start everything anew.

haha (:
it is running on new windows mobile 6.5
and say bye bye to windows mobile 6.1 !

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